The college has over 60 fully equipped, world-class multi-track recording studios, mix-down areas, digital and analogue editing suites and other practical work areas. We offer exceptional recording spaces such as the AVID S6 suite, the first training studio fit with a AVID S6 console in the world, or the Live Room, offering a huge space with hard wood floors and variable acoustics. Our superior studios acoustically and electronically simulate the professional environments, catering to every possible sound recording need.

  • Post Production Studio
  • The Edit Labs
  • Tin Pan
  • Beat Factories
  • Audio Factories
  • Production Studio 1
  • Production Studio 2

The post production studio is fitted with the very best in digital audio software and hardware. Not only is it fitted with Avids flagship Pro Tools system but also the latest in JBL room modelling studio monitoring that is taking the world by storm. The 5.1 surround sound system allows full feature film post production and recording is a synch with the Focusrite Octi-pre 8 channel microphone preamp. Connection to the main live room is available for drum tracking or track over dubbing and the acoustics have been fitted to give a natural and balanced reproduction for the final stages of the project. Mastering is a pleasure in the Post production room with the aide of the professional dBx quantum digital mastering processor, which provides incredible fidelity and world class masters. The studio gets loads of natural light and as all studio’s is acclimatized using a very quite air conditioning unit. The post production room has been used for professional mastering projects and has become the preferred reference system for some local pro’s.

Editing can be a very time consuming process. The e-labs are designed as a set of seventeen compact editing suites primarily for the purpose of editing and practicing skills on software based digital audio work stations. Equipped with the latest in Pro Tools digital editing software these studios will help students gain a great degree for knowledge while getting to grips with the more advanced features of desktop audio production. Also under the hood is the latest version of Reason virtual midi software and each Lab is fitted with a the latest AKAI Professional software controller surfaces which include a full set of key’s for music programming. Along with the MIDI and Pro Tools setups, each e-lab is a mini video post production studio. Monitoring is provided by high quality head phone’s which proves ideal in a communal studio environment.

The digital lounge has been used as a commercial recording studio for the past 16 years by advertising agencies and film companies all over the world. Fitted with the cutting edge of digital production technology and stylized as a corporate but creative environment, the digital lounge is a serious post production studio. With Pro Tools HD and full 5.1 surround sound mixing, this studio can go head to head with even the toughest of audio production tasks. The supreme Forusrite Red series mic pre amps and compressors provide the front end with sublime Adam Audio and Yamaha monitoring for playback. Students who achieve certain set goals will be given access to this studio and students studying the 2nd and 3rd year engineering option will be based in this studio the high-end Ensoniq TS-12 stage piano is patched directly into a MIDI interface to provide the best in MIDI programming and recording. And with the large display for DV output you can instantly turn the room into a full surround-sound cinema, a great help when blowing clients out of their seats.  The digital lounge is a pleasure to work in for both engineer and producer.

These five independent studios are designed as modern desktop production environments, similar to the kind commonly used by professional music producers in every corner of the music industry. The Beat Factories (As we are calling them) are production specific studios fitted with the very latest in electronic music production hardware and software as well as acoustically treated recording booths and control rooms. Each beat factory has been equipped with the latest in Focusrite audio interfaces, brand new Apple Mac, Pro Tools 10 workstations, some modern industry standard outboard processing from Lexicon and DBX, monitoring from JBL, as well as a Roland GAIA SH-01 production synthesizers and Yamaha mixing consoles in every room. The new department is also home to some of the nicest synthesizers on the market today, which are available to students for their production assignments. The Cape Audio College now features 14 fully fitted production studios and 37 Pro Tools workstations, this combined provides over 50 Digital Audio Workstations, designed specifically for the developing sound and music production professional.

The radio editing suites are specifically designed to aid the student in the entry stages of the technical field of audio production. There is a lot to know and getting experience in the studio at an early stage in the course is incredibly important to help gain the fundamentals of using the equipment. These booths have been designed to emulate the large studio by providing important systems that are needed to efficiently operate the larger of the control rooms. By fitting patch bays, compressors and preamps the student is able to gain experience with professional studio procedures and practice without being intimidated by the grandeur of the big recording studio. Everyone needs to start somewhere which makes these suites ideal for the budding enthusiast. Each room is fitted with fully equipped Pro Tools systems and isolation booths for overdubs and voice overs. There are Yamaha mixers in all four of the these suits and a full set of Mic Pre amps, compressors and effects processors for sculpturing your audio productions. And with the Tannoy monitoring systems mixing and editing become a pleasure to perform in these compact but very comfortable editing suites.

Production room 1 is designed as a versatile and multipurpose production facility. The control room is based around a dedicated Pro Tools interface and control surface offering hands on control of the global industry standard software for mixing and advanced music production. The software system also includes the Native Instrument Komplete 10 production and instrument plugins bundle, another industry standard for advanced music production worldwide. The value of this system enables students to gain real world experience using the same software systems that are employed in studios all over the world. World-class recordings can be achieved using the large isolation booth attached to this facility, and with premium Focusrite microphone preamps and a rack full of hardware processing equipment, sounds can be captured and processed in extraordinary quality before being manipulated using the latest in Pro Tools technology. Production room 1 is outfitted with state of the art JBL studio monitoring providing unprecedented audio fidelity.

Production room 2 is designed to expose students to the most up to date digital audio production facilities. This room boasts an Alan and Heath QU16 digital console and interface, providing students with up to 16 individual inputs on the console and into the Pro Tools recording software. The Alan and Heath digital system also provides access to dedicated digital audio processing in the console itself allowing extensive dynamic and effects manipulation in the digital domain. Furthermore the system also offers advanced digital audio workstation control, putting the global industry standard Pro Tool’s functionality onto the hardware control surface. The combined functionality of the console, the Pro Tool system and the Native Instruments Komplete 10 production bundle make Production 2 one of the most powerful production facilities available. In addition to this, production 2 also offers an isolation booth for recording purposes as well as the proprietary Alan and Heath personal monitoring system allowing ultimate control of the artists monitoring mix.