This is our flagship course, responsible for producing many internationally successful sound engineers.

This course offers in-depth and specialised knowledge, together with practical skills and competence. In the first year of study students are introduced to the fundamentals of audio theory and what being a sound engineer is all about. In the second year, students learn advanced recording techniques and in-depth analysis of instruments. Audio-visual post-production is taken to another level and radio production is dealt with in detail utilizing our campus radio station facilities. In the third year, students will specialize and start working closely with real world situations, as well as studying acoustic principles, studio design and music business principles.


  • Studio Sound Engineer
  • Live Sound Engineer
  • Production Assistant
  • Composer
  • Music and Dialogue Editor
  • Mix Engineer Studio Assistant
  • Audio Post Production Engineer
  • Mastering Engineer
  • Location Recordist


These courses are covered at advancing levels each year:

  • Audio Technology Fundamentals
  • Radio Production
  • Music Production
  • Audio Post Production
  • Live Sound
  • Radio advert production
  • Audio-visual postproduction
  • Recording studio design
  • Live sound and music production
  • Sound design, mixing
  • Pro-Tools training
  • Principles of audio technology
  • Signal flow
  • Gain structure
  • Recording techniques
  • Learning to record and produce radio commercials
  • Produce the soundtrack for film clips and documentaries
  • Perform PA setup and live mixing
  • Record and mix bands in the studio
  • Learn the analogue front end to the recording chain